Cary, North Carolina Telephone Time and Temperature Service. Dial (919) 468-TIME

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  468-TIME is Cary, North Carolina's Telephone Time & Temperature Service. This service is privately owned and operated by Matthew Furman On-Line.


I started 468-TIME in December 2013 because I realize that even with all the latest gadgets,  sometimes the best way to get information is with a simple phone call. -- No app or download required! I have always been fascinated by the telephone and remember dialing the local "time" number now and then when I was young to get the current time and weather forecast. Since most of the Bell Telephone Companies

have since discontinued their time service, I brought it back to my community with an easy to remember number 4-6-8-T-I-M-E or 468-8463 for those of you who prefer numbers over phone-words.  Just remember to dial the area code (919) now that 10-digit dialing is mandatory in the area. I also could really use your help, I pay for the phone service needed to run this service out of my own pocket, the costs add up very quickly! And phone lines are not cheap by any means. If you can spare a few dollars, it will make a huge difference and will help keep this service alive and running! I will continue to maintain this service for as  long as I can afford to do so. Please help me!


Remember, every call you make to 468-TIME you are participating in a part of telephone history and keeping the service alive! While donations are always helpful, Simply telling your friends and family about the service will help keep it going. If you have any comments or suggestions for me, I'd love to hear from you! Just send me an email!


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